Happy Fourth of July!

Today is the anniversary of the signing of one of the most incredible documents ever composed in all of man’s history.  It formed what was to become, despite its problems, one of the greatest nations ever seen.  If you’ve got a moment, here are a couple of videos to remind you what this country is all about and, perhaps, bring a smile to your face.

First off, we’ve got a reminder that our nation is responsible to its citizens, not to some imaginary sky daddy.  Kings of old ruled by divine right — God had picked them to be in charge so how could the peasants argue?  In the United States, however, we have a government selected by the people, not by God.  Here are a couple of kids that get it.

And if that was a bit too heavy for you, here’s a bit of nonsense featuring the most patriotic of American symbols, Sam the Eagle.

Enjoy, and have a great Fourth of July!

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