Happy Father’s Day 2010!

Being a father is truly the greatest adventure one can take.  Nothing else can instill such fear, excitement, and joy into a man’s heart as a child.  From seeing them take their first steps to watching them walk across a university stage to collect their diploma, it is a roller coaster ride like no other.  It truly takes a hero’s courage to make the journey from birth to adulthood alongside their child or children.

If you’re a dad, take a moment on this day set aside to honor all dads and consider where this journey has taken you and where you might yet still travel.  Take a break from watching out for possible danger and instead reflect on the fact that you’ve made it this far and your kids are still alive and kicking.  That’s quite an accomplishment right there.

If you’ve got a dad (or dads), take a moment to ponder the sacrifices he made for you, from something as simple skipping candle-lit dinners and movies to spend time with you to the tens of thousands of dollars spent on piano lessons, dance classes, summer camps, emergency room visits, auto insurance premiums, and so on.  It’s not that you should feel guilty or that you owe your dad anything, but just a way of understanding a fraction of how much your dad really cares for you.  Not every dad has it in them to say “I love you” in words but most do it everyday through their actions.

And if you’re a dad and you have a dad, watch out because they’re almost certainly working together and plotting against you.

Whatever the case, have a wonderful father’s day!

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