Zero-Maintenance Pets

While we were on holiday this past summer, I noticed an advert playing in heavy rotation on whatever kids’ television station they had on in the dining room of the hotel where they served the free breakfast each morning.  At the time, it seemed like one of those annoying, over-priced, “as seen on TV” products that we’re all used to being disappointed by, should we be foolish enough to purchase one.  Fast forward to the advent of the year-end begging-for-toys season and I’m dreaming of the relative peace of blaring television ads.  Yes, my kids want Pillow Pets.

While at the hotel, they didn’t really seem to notice the TV ads, but a couple of months after returning home, the multi-purpose bedding items suddenly became a bigger topic of discussion than the mid-term elections.  My daughter, at the same time surprisingly and not, really wants the lavender unicorn while my older son has his eye on the dolphin.  My youngest is big into monkeys, so that’s the one we’re considering for him.

As much as I hate being sucked in by slick marketing campaigns for trendy toys, we’ll probably end up getting each of the kids one.  Has anyone else gotten one of these?  Are my kids going to love them or end up with bitter disappointment?  I guess we’ll find out early next year, after the wrapping paper and ribbons have made it into the recycling bin and the kids have either destroyed them, become bored with them, or made them their absolute bestest friends in the whole wide world.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Honestly, my daughter has one and really loves it. She sleeps on it every night, and believe it or not, they’re washable. Which is almost unheard of in the stuffed animal world. That made it 100 percent worth it for me.

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