Designing With Kids In Mind

Many couples, when looking at new digs, do so with the needs of children in mind, even if they don’t have any as yet.  It’s also very common for parents to trade up to a larger house as more kids arrive on the scene.  That’s what my parents did, the summer before my youngest sister — their fifth kid — was born.  I remember helping to repaint the attic before moving in so that we could use it as a bedroom for the younger kids.

What about taking it a step further?  It’s pretty standard, if the magazines, television shows, and designers are to be believed, to redecorate a room as a nursery when a baby is on the way.  And a playroom or den wouldn’t raise any eyebrows.  Designing spaces for homework, TV watching, and playing games into the overall floorplan makes sense if you can do it.  After all, kids are more important than a wine cellar, sewing room or man-cave, right?  But just how far would you go to make your home child-friendly?

How about installing a multi-colored staircase, a giant couch just made for jumping, and a slide complete with a secret trap door?  Well, someone has done just that and has dubbed it The Rainbow House.  Take a look at this Goldilocks-inspired video showing off the home’s features and see what you think.  I’m not sure that it’s entirely my style, but I can certainly see a few elements I’d love to add to my house.  I’d love a slide — and know the kids would too — and have always wanted a secret passage and hideaway.

So what ideas would you like to — and be willing to — incorporate into your home to make it more fun for your kids (or for you)?

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  1. Soumya Sengupta says:

    I always wanted a table for toy trains. And a mobility-aid type scooter to ride around the house.

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