There is no greater adventure than parenting.  The idea of being responsible for taking a child from infancy to adulthood is one that is, at the very least, fraught with apprehension and, more likely, loaded with sheer terror.  And yet, a significant portion of the populace embarks on this adventure without so much as a roadmap, let alone proper preparation.  And if you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of them.

You’re lucky, however, in that many have gone before you and many more are traveling the same route alongside you.  There is help available.  Whether you just want someone to spot you as you navigate a difficult obstacle, need assistance when you get stuck, or simply want to relax and revel in the memory of trails well run, there are other parents to lend a helping hand.  Or laugh at you.  Here at Safari Dad, we’ll likely be doing a bit of both.

Many websites, magazines, and other parenting resources stick to the paved roads of parenting — playdates, child-friendly recipes, celebrity parents.  Here at Safari Dad, however, we’re not afraid to take the road less traveled and cover topics such as non-religious parenting, parenting in the LGBTQ community, raising free-range kids, and so on.  We’re not allergic to voicing an opinion and welcome, even encourage, a spirited debate on all matters parenting.  But we do it all with a sense of humour and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

While Safari Dad is not a political site, political issues will certainly be addressed.  This site isn’t about religion, but just as religious beliefs affect parents and parenting, so too will it be looked at here.  And education, entertainment, and parenting styles are all fair game here.  If you’re the type that is easily offended, stick around — you’re sure to be offended and it’ll be good for you.  If you’re more the type that can laugh at anything, stick around too because there will be plenty to laugh at.

So let’s all play nice and have a good time as we share this adventure called parenting.

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