Beer Cans Bad For Babies

I’ve long been one of those snobs who simply won’t drink beer that comes in a can.  Heck, in many cases, I won’t even call it beer.  It turns out, now, that quality and taste of the beer is just one reason to avoid beer in cans.  According to a study of Chinese factory workers, drinking beer (or, for that matter, soda) from cans will do more than reduce your chances of getting laid — it affects your ability to make anything happen if you do.

Scientists studied 200 factory workers in China and discovered that those exposed to bisphenol A (aka BPA) were more likely to have lower sperm counts and those they did have were likely to be of poorer quality.  The dreaded BPA — long removed from baby bottles — is apparently still used in the lining of aluminum cans for soda and beer, as well as many plastic bottles.

“This adds additional human evidence that BPA is bad,” said De-Kun Li, the reproductive and perinatal epidemiologist who conducted the study. “The general public should probably try to avoid exposure to BPA as much as they can.”   I’d say that’s pretty good advice.  Basically, if you want to have kids, pour the Budweiser down the drain and get yourself some good beer — I recommend Anchor Steam or Newcastle Brown Ale — in bottles.

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