Making Minivans For Dad

So now that you have kids, chances are you’re stuck driving a minivan a fair bit of the time.  They handle poorly, they’re ugly, and they’re not exactly manly.  I suspect most guys would jump at the chance to drive a sports car or pick-up truck instead.  The problem is that very few vehicles will haul a whole mess of kids as efficiently and as affordably as a minivan.  But don’t give up hope, dads — Nissan’s got your back.

If you make your next minivan a Nissan Quest, you take the kids to their dance classes and little league games on Saturday afternoon and then head out with the Men’s PTA Saturday night for a little fundraising, if you know what I mean (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more).  Yep, the navigation system in the 2011 Nissan Quest includes a category of destinations labeled “Adult Entertainment”.

Now, as AutoBlog points out, this is likely a feature that will find its way into other new Nissan vehicles, not to mention stand-alone GPS systems and, in all likelihood, any other vehicles using the same business directory.  Still, it is especially amusing that it was first noticed in a minivan.

I’m sure there will be parents screaming bloody murder because they don’t want their teenage boys to borrow the van and have an easy path to places they ought not to go.  Personally, it wouldn’t bother me; my kids will decide whether or not to visit such establishments based on better criteria than a listing in an automobile navigation system.  What do you think?

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