Best Words of 2010

Sadly, I think this will be the last year I’ll have a Best Words list as my littlest is growing and his speech is getting better every day.  In the meantime, however, here are the Best Words of 2010 — my favorite mispronunciations, misinterpretations, and just plain amusing figures of speech, courtesy of my two-year-old.

Yego — No, we didn’t get the kid a really crappy collectible car; this is what he calls those building bricks from Denmark.  Come to think of it though, they’d probably make a better, safer car than the Yugo was.

Pehrrow — When it’s bedtime, the kid has to go searching through the house to find his Pehrrow — because it’s hardly ever on his bed and heaven knows he can’t lay his dainty head directly on the mattress.

Desitint — I think the kid is addicted to this stuff — he thinks it tickles when I put it on him when he has a bit of diaper rash and wants it every time he gets his diaper changed.

Diss Bunk — You know how, after you give someone a high-five, you make a fist and sort of punch the other person’s fist?  That’s called a Diss Bunk.

— Sometimes, after dinner, if it’s not a school night, the kids might luck out and have a little ice cream for Toosert.  Or, whenever they visit Nana, there’s always a little Toosert to be had.

Beppis Time — He gets very excited in the morning when it’s Beppis Time.  I’ll call the kids down to eat and he’ll come running down the stairs yelling “Beppis Tiiiiiiiiiiiime!”

YuhYoo — At night, when he’s lying down, he’ll tell me “I Yuhyoo!” so of course I respond “I Yuhyoo too!”.  Naturally, I love him too.

So there you go.  Feel free to expand your own vocabulary with these classics.  I know I have.  And what words have your kids come up with?  Have any stuck?

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