The Amazing Gyro Bowl

Most of the time, when you see something advertised on television as being amazing, incredible, or some other superlative, chances are it’s cheaply made and doesn’t work anywhere near as well as they’d have you believe, if it even works at all.  Every once in a great while, however, a product comes along that you just know is every bit as clever as they make it seem on telly.  I suspect the Gyro Bowl is one of those rare creatures.

At the very least, it’s extremely clever, but if it’s at all well made it could indeed be a lifesaver for parents of young kids.  The concept isn’t new — sailors have used similar devices for decades to keep their compasses, radios, and beers upright — but the application is unique.  A bowl is mounted in the center of two concentric rings attached in opposite directions.  This allows the bowl to remain right-side-up regardless of the orientation of the outer ring.

Now, I’m pretty sure thin soups could easily defeat the mechanism, but it sure looks like just about anything else would stay inside regardless of what junior does with it.  It also has large handles on the outer ring to make it easy to grab for even the youngest kids.  As if that weren’t enough, though, it’s also dishwasher-safe.  Yeah, just toss it in the top rack and you’re good to go.  Mind you, they’re not cheap — the website is currently offering two for $15 plus $10 shipping — but if you’ve got an accident-prone kid (or spouse), this is certainly worth looking into.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Glad to see you used my link. This is actually a really cool item.

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