The Internet Christmas Tree

I remember, from my childhood, going out into the woods with my parents, finding the perfect tree, and cutting it down to bring home.  We did that once.  That was far too rough and rugged for my parents — their idea of roughing it was Opera in the Park.  So they bought a plastic tree with little plastic bunches of green pine needles that kept falling off the brown plastic branches and we never had a real tree again.

These days, most people run down to local Christmas tree lot to pick up a tree trucked in from who-knows-where.  Big chain stores, like Home Depot and Target, have been getting into the business lately as well.  There’s another option, however, for those for whom even the local vacant lot is too far to go.  Both Costco and Target are now selling fresh Christmas trees online.  You can actually go online and order a tree to be delivered directly to your door.

I suppose that could be a pretty handy service if you just need a tree for your business or if winter weather makes going out to pick a tree an unpleasant prospect, but whether you’re looking for a Christmas tree, a Hanukkah bush, or, as we are, a Solstice tree, it seems to me that half the fun is getting out there and finding the perfect tree, especially for kids.  In fact, I think we’re going the other way and doing what my own parents did all those years ago — heading out into the forest to choose and cut down a tree.  Something tells me the kids will enjoy that a lot more than sitting around while I point-and-click a tree.

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