Teacher Tapes Student To Desk; Gets Off Scotch Free

One would like to think that we’ve evolved beyond the use of corporal punishment in our public schools but it appears that’s not entirely true.  Even if teachers aren’t rapping on knuckles with wooden rulers, some are still using pain and humiliation in order to maintain order and instill discipline.  Not surprisingly, some parents take offense at this.

Imagine you found out that, when your daughter was having difficulty paying attention and was instead playing with things in her desk, the teacher responded not by changing her method to better engage the child’s interest but by actually, physically taping the child’s hands to the desk.  I know I’d be in the principal’s office demanding a formal, written apology as the teacher was escorted from the building never to work with children again.

Instead, what happened is that there was an investigation and an appeals court has decided that there was no neglect or abuse involved.  Part of the decision was apparently based on the fact that, as the teacher was applying the tape, the student in question “was giggling at the time” which, I guess, the judges think means it was okay.  Only, anyone who knows kids knows that many kids will indeed giggle nervously as a response to a humiliating or abusive situation.  It’s a defense mechanism and I would bet good money that the girl was actually a hair’s breadth from crying.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a happy ending to this story.  The teacher got off with a warning and there is no word of how the student — or any other students this teacher may have mistreated — is doing.  The lesson to be learned here is that, unfortunately, not all teachers know what they’re doing and we need better laws and guidelines to keep them in check.  Luckily, teachers like this are few and far between.

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