The Nuggets Really Are That Good

About once a month, we let our kids buy the school lunch.  It’s a welcome break for my wife who normally puts together their midday repast and there are a few menu items they really enjoy.  More so than any other, their favorite meal is the chicken nuggets.  They really look forward to that.  Apparently, they’re not the only ones with a special fondness for school lunch nuggets; two men in Florida really, really like them as well.

Lawrence Dixon and Carl Dudley Crabtree broke into a Key West high school and, yes, grabbed a computer and some cash from vending machines, but also took the time to make a special trip over to the school cafeteria where they broke into the freezer and nabbed a thirty pound bag of frozen nuggets.  Police officers nabbed the pair before they could select a sauce to go with the chicken.

Now, I like my chicken nuggets as much as the next guy but I’m pretty sure I’m not willing to end up in the hoosegow for them, no matter how good they might be.  I think I’m starting to understand why my kids so look forward to getting to eat the school lunch — I guess it’s a lot different from when I was in school.

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