A Summer of Cinema

Has summer vacation snuck up on you as it has the rest of us?  Are you staring at three months of “I’m bored!” and wracking your brain (and searching the internet) for activities that will keep them busy and happy without driving you insane or sending you to the poorhouse?  Are you looking at the cost of summer camps and wondering how much your kidney would sell for — assuming you could even find a spot at any price?  Well, help is here.

This won’t solve the entire problem, but it may help — how about getting your kids out of your hair for a couple hours each week for as little as fifty cents?  Cinemark theatres are offering just that.  For ten weeks, Cinemark theatres around the country will be showing kids’ movies in the morning for $1 per show or $5 for all ten, if bought in advance.  The price is the same for parents so you can go with your kids if they’re too young to go on their own (or if you just want to see the movies).

While the films chosen won’t be suitable for all kids, if you’ve got some tweens on your hands, this might be right up your alley.  The selection appears to vary by location; at the theatre closest to us, the list includes Despicable Me, Charlotte’s Web, and The Tale of Despereaux.  All movies are rated either G or PG — but we all know that’s pretty meaningless these days (check Kids-In-Mind before taking your kids).

At $5 for 10 shows, honestly, it wouldn’t matter much what the movies were, as long as they weren’t too violent or adult for your kids; that’s a heck of a deal.

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