Yes, Moms Really Are Hotter

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

By far, the most attractive quality in a woman, as far as I’m concerned, is confidence.  Add competence to that and there’s no way simple physical beauty can compete.

With that in mind, I’ve always felt that moms — women who have their act together and are raising their kids with love and care — are more far attractive than those “barely legal teens” you hear so much about on the internet.  And, based on a new video from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the Gregory Brothers, it sounds like I’m not alone in that assessment.

The Gregory Brothers are probably best known for their Songify the News series of videos, but in this instance, they’ve teamed up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt of HitRecord on TV to let him share his feelings about mothers.  In Sexy Motha, Gordon-Levitt breaks into song to explain to Andrew Rose Gregory why he finds moms so attractive and the pair end up crashing a PTA meeting to spread the word.

While not strictly safe-for-work, it is indeed funny and, if you ask me, spot on accurate.

What do you think?  Does being a mom make a woman sexier?  Is a minivan hotter than a Maserati?

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